Midnattsol at Ragnarök Festival!

Hi Folks,

Midnattsol will play for you on April 6th live at the Ragnarök Festival (www.ragnaroek-festival.com) in Lichtenfels! Because of the fact that we are pretty busy working on our upcoming album at the moment, this gig will be the only Midnattsol liveshow in 2013.

So hurry up and get some tickets - we're really locking forward to see you again! Horns up! Yours Midnattsol

ORDER your festival tickets HERE



Metal on! \m/

Midnattsol GIRLIE SHIRTS - Exclusively available at the NUCLEAR BLAST mailorder!

Hi Folks,

for all of you who haven't got a "The Metamorphosis Melody" GIRLIE SHIRT yet: For the first time, you can FINALLY order them now, EXCLUSIVELY and LIMITED at the Nuclear Blast Online Shop!
If you don't wear girlie shirts, make a girl happy by giving one to her as a present! And keep your eyes open, as there might be more things to follow soon!


Midnattsol Girlie Shirt Shop


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MFVF IX - Pics online

Hi Folks,

we have uploaded some Pics from the Metale Female Voices Fest IX (Thanks to Tim Tronckoe for the Pictures).
Thanx again for the great support at the Festival. You Rocked! Hope to see you again soon!

                                     tl_files/midnattsoldaten/news/20111118 Midnattsol MFVF9 News.jpg

Yours Midnattsol

Midnattsol - The Metamorphosis Melody - Tour Video

Hi Folks,

we have a special gift for you! We have finished the cut of our "The Metamorphosis Melody" Tour Video an uploaded it on youtube. Here you can see us perfoming the Song "The Metamorphosis Melody" on stages across europe and you can see us before and after the shows!

Thanks to all our fans who made this possible.

Enjoy the video!

tl_files/midnattsoldaten/news/20111010 Tour Video.JPG

Yours Midnattsol

Time schedule for Metal Female Voice Festival changed

Hey Folks,

Unfortunately we had to change our slot on the Metal Female Voice Festival due to our flight timetable. That means that we are playing at the slot of Stream of Passion and not at last but two. We thank the boys & girls from Draconian and Stream of Passion that we could change the playing time.tl_files/midnattsoldaten/news/20111005 T-Shirt Midnattsol Klein.jpg

You will find more details about the new time schedule at the website of the festival (Ticktes still available).

Furthermore you`ll have the possibility to get our new Limited Edition of our new record, which comes in a nice double-digipack with DVD. The DVD contains the whole MFVF show from Midnattsol in 2009. To make the package complete, you can get our fresh printed T-Shirts from “The Metamorphosis Melody”

We are really looking forward to rock with you, …your Sol`s

Horns Up !!!

Vote for Midnattsol

Hi Folks,

want to see Midnattosl on the next Femme Metal Festival in the UK? Vote here.


Yours Midnattsol

"Heiligs Blechle"

Hi Folks,

we are happy to announce a new gig. We will play on Juli 9th at the "Heiligs Blechle" 2011 in Ludwigsburg. Aftershowparty will be at the Rockfabrik!

  tl_files/midnattsoldaten/news/20110616 logo_2011 Heiligs Blechle.jpg

See you there!

Yours Midnattsols

Skogens Lengsel - Live

Hi Folks,

for all of you, who don´t know the DVD "E Natt I Wieze" on the limited edtion of our new Album "The Metamorphosis Melody" we uploaded a song from it on you tube!

Youtubelink: Skogens Lengsel

We really enjoyed playing on this festival and looking forward to our gig this year on the Metal Females Voices Festival!

Yours Midnattsols

Concert at June - Budapest & Vienna

tl_files/midnattsoldaten/news/EscapeMetalcorner.jpgHi Folks,

We will play at the Metalfest Hungary on June the 3.rd and will share the stage with Saxon, Cradle of Filth, Wintersun and Serenity.

The next day, we will play a headliner show for the first time in Vienna (Austria) at the Escape Metalcorner. save your tickets here


Metal on! \m/

Midnattsol on tour !!

In the baggage: amazing support, a new member of the Midnattsolfamily and a Myspace make-over !!

Hi folks,

we have been on the road for 4 days now promoting our new album
„The Metamorphosis Melody" and have a day off in between, so it`s time for some news for you! The shows have been incredible, thanx for the fantastic support!

And guess what – yesterday at the gig in Frankfurt we announced that Matthias is officially our new guitarist!! He is amazing in every way, and we `re so happy that he`s now a part of our Midnattsolfamily.

Our Myspace site has had a make-over in tune with the release of the new album. Have a look at it.

Tomorrow we`ll continue our tour. First we`ll have a headliner show in Innsbruck in PMK, it`ll be so great to have time to show you lots of both old and new songs! Come to our Meet and Greet after the show and have a beer with us!

Then we`re heading towards Switzerland and Italy. We`re so looking forward to it, see you there!

Rock on! \m/


The METAMORPHOSIS MELODY finally in stores now!!!

SWEDEN - order here
FINLAND - order here
SPAIN - order here


Trailer III: The whole song „Kong Valemons Kamp“ including insights into our songwriting- and recording process.

Hi Folks,

today we have once again something very special for you: a video where you can watch the whole song „Kong Valemons Kamp“ from our new album „The Metamorphosis Melody“

Gain insight into the Midnattsolfamily and get a picture of how fun and amazing it was recording this album for you!

We hope that you will enjoy watching and of course listening to it!

MIDNATTSOL - Kong Valemons Kamp | Napalm Records

You should also check out these reviews of our new album:




Metal on! \m/


Listen to our new Songs on Amazon!

Hi Folks,

The release is getting closer, you can now have a listen to our upcoming album
"The Metamorphosis Melody" on amazon! Enjoy!

Listen here !!

Horns Up! \m/

International release dates of "The Metamorphosis Melody"

Hi Folks,

The countdown is running, you`ll soon find our third album „The Metamorphosis Melody“ in the record stores! For all our devoted fans around the world: here are finally the international release dates:

20/04/2011 - Spain | Finland | Sweden

22/04/2011- Germany | Austria | Switzerland | Belgium | Netherlands | Luxembourg | Italy

25/04/2011 - EUROPE

03/05/2011 - USA | Canada

25/05/2011 - Japan

Yours Midnattsol

En Natt I Wieze DVD Trailer (enclosed of the Limited Edition oft he new album “ The Metamorphosis Melody”) Melody"

Hi Folks,

Soon you will be able to hold our brand new album „The Metamorphosis Melody“ in your hands. The release date is April 22nd!

As a foretaste of the DVD, you can watch some previews of it here for the first time. Furthermore we have another little surprise for you, … have a look !


Yours Midnattsols


Here`s a statement from Esa Holopainen (Amorphis) about our new album "The Metamorphosis Melody" that will be released on April 22nd:

"I was really impressed about how Midnattsol combines fragile and heavy elements within their music. Great arrangements and beautiful vocals makes this album a release which I can warmly recommend for everyone who love majestic and atmospheric music! Send me a copy, please.“

-Esa Holopainen - Amorphis

Thank you so much Esa, this means a lot to us!

Metal on !!
Yours, Midnattsol

Tracklist - The Metamorphosis Melody

Hi Folks,

The release date of „The Metamorphosis Melody“is getting closer.
22. April you can finally hold the new album in your hands and enjoy our new songs!!

This is the tracklist:



MIDNATTSOL playing at the METALFEST Hungary

Hi Folks,

MIDNATTSOL is confirmed for Metalfest Hungary, which is scheduled for June 3-5th near Budapest. It`s the first time for us playing in Hungary and we are very excited about that!

More Informations: www.metalfest.eu

Metal on!!
Yours, Midnattsol

New Guitarist! The Midnattsol tour line-up is completed

Hi Folks,

What immense interest you have showed us during the application period; thanx a lot to all of applicants for your great effort and patience!

Especially one of the applicants caught our attention, and we soon found out that we were a great match. He is now rehearsing with us during a so called "trial period", and we are more than impressed by how quickly he knows how to play the old- as well as the new songs. That means that you have the possibility to see a complete band on our release tour with Leaves Eyes in April.

We are looking forward to see you there! :)

The application process has now ended, so please don`t send us any more applications. We want to thank you once again for your interest, good luck for the future to all of you!

Stay tuned & Horns up!!
Yours, Midnattsol

Cover and releasedate of "The Metamorphosis Melody" revealed!

Hi Folks,

we are more than happy to finally be able to show you months of hard work:
here is the cover of "The Metamorphosis Melody"!!

Watch this video special made for all our patient fans, where you are let into the world of our new album`s artwork. The Metamorphosis Melody will be released on April 22nd.


tl_files/midnattsoldaten/bildelementenews/TMM Trailer I.JPG

Stay tuned & Horns up!!
Yours, Midnattsol